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Automation equipment for homes and offices

Asema E series energy saver gateways make monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of homes and offices easy. While the product line can be used for common home automation tasks such as controlling lights or remotely managing appliances, Asema E is specifically designed for energy use.

All Asema's controller products contain a relay for max 16A current for controlling also large loads. Energy consumption is measured in real-time and displayed locally, on mobile devices and is available through APis to building management systems and energy service providers.

Unlike the majority of "smart plugs" found on the market, Asema M and Asema S series meters and switches have been designed to be installed in electric cabinets and inside wall sockets. This way they can be used to control appliances that have an actual impact on the energy consumption of homes and offices.

Asema E series

E as in "energy saving", the Asema E series comprises intelligent home gateways that connect sensors and actuators in a powerful automation system.

Asema E gateways feature the Aseme IoT Edge firmware which runs local logic at the site and connects the gateways into a network of interconnected systems. Each Asema E can operate completely independently from network connections and offers a web interface for controlling lights and other appliances either from a local touchscreen or with a browser or a mobile app. With the embedded WiFi the Asema E can be used to remote control the building either by the users or by a service provider.

With Asema E, residents can use energy related optimizations including tariff controls, timers, if-then-that logical rules and much more. Data recorded from the sensors is locally stored and transferred to a cloud for viewing and analysis.

Two models of Asema E are available: Asema E1 with a touchscreen and Asema E2 without a touchscreen.

Asema M series

Asema M series units are measurement devices for home energy solutions. Asema M1 is an LED reader that can be connected to a local smart meter for real-time readings. Asema M2 uses clamps to measure the power consumption of a house, electical cabinet or a single appliance.

M series units connect to Asema E gateways wirelessly. A low frequency (433 MHz) radio is used to provide long range readings from typically tricky metal cabinets. While Asema M1 measures only total consumption, Asema M2 is capable of advanced measurements including electricity produced and active and reactive power per phase.

Asema S series

The "S" in Asema S series stands for "switching" and not suprisingly Asema S units are actuator units that feature a wirelessly controllable relay for remotely controlling electric loads. Each Asema S unit can control elertric loads up to 16A and also measure the consumption of power in real time.

Asema S series family comprises three products of equal capabilities but differing form factors for installation: Asema S1 is a a very flat unit designed for crowded electric cabinets and wall sockets, Asema S2 is for DIN rail installations, and Asema S3 is a unit that can be installed like a power extension cord.

Control software for commercial buildings

Asema's energy saving equipment is an ideal solution for remotely managing energy consumption when connected to an Asema IoT Central software solution. Asema IoT Central cat act as the central control center for all installed gateways and offers dashboards and mobile interfaces for property managers.

In addition to automatic connections to Asema's gateways, Asema IoT Central supports building and industrial automation protocols such as ModBus. The software unifies data from all inputs and offers one unified interface to the locations. This data can then be used to open interfaces into other systems, to partners, or as open data for the public.

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